Hello, South Korea!

What to even say about all that happened within our last three-ish days being here in South Korea..so much!

We arrived in Seoul, but due to a delay getting off the ground in San Fran we found ourselves running (literally) around the Seoul airport trying to go through customs, grab our bags and make it on our domestic flight to Busan.  After sweating from head to toe and being thoroughly tired from carrying 4-50 lb bags, we missed our flight and were stumped at how to remedy the situation with only a few people being able to speak minimal English.  A morning flight and a free hotel room later, we crashed for the quick sleep before waking up the next morning to fly to Busan.  We had a ten o'clock Orientation meeting in Gimhae (a nearby city) and met both mine and Austin's co-teachers who will be by our side for teaching for the next year.  On our drive from that meeting into our new city where we will be living (Yangsan), my co-teacher, You Young Jin (who speaks remarkable English, praise God), told us that he is a Christian and enjoys going to church and that he has been praying for us.  He was not aware that we were married or only 22 and was expecting some shady, crazy American couple, I assume.  He threw his hands up in the air when we told him that we are also Christians and that being here to serve the Lord is our first priority---I thought he was going to cry he was so happy....as were we.  God has surely blessed us with You and we are very excited to have a wonderful friendship with him over the next year.  
After arriving in Yangsan, we visited both of our schools and met with the principals
and administration. The schools here are ultra-modern and really different from what
we are used to in the States. Everyone here highly respects their elders, which was very
apparent in meeting each of our principals. You can tell that they are highly respected.
Later, we found out where we were going to live (It is AMAZING...pictures to come!) and
then they even took us to get brand-spanking new furniture...I mean new bed set,
memory foam matress, dresser and a really cute table and chairs! We were absolutely
shocked and tried to explain to them that we didn't need anything super nice and that
the cheapest furnite would do. They were NOT having that and wanted to make us feel
as welcome and spoiled as possible---it sure worked! We also got a basic medical
checkup and were pleasantly surprised at the cleanliness and efficiency of the hospital!
Yesterday, Austin and I got the chance to walk around the city of Yangsan and feel
out where we will be living for the next year. The city has about 250,000 people in it and
is definitely the size that you can wrap your arms around and feel at home. On the flip
side, very very very very few people here speak English and we have only seen 3 non-
Koreans (besides us) since we have been here. We definitely did not realize how lonely
it can be to not be able to easily speak to people. The language barrier is tiresome and
quite frusterating, but we are going to channel that into learning the language as best
we can (Korean study session will ensue after I am done blogging!)

In general, we are very happy to be here safely and have been blown away with the
way that the Lord already has his hand on us. From a great place and brand new furniture,
wonderful hospitality and warmth from the people, You being an active believer and Austin's
computer being fixed solely by God (so that we can now keep in touch with home), we are
feeling very blessed and watched over. We know that He has us here for a sure
reason and are praying that He use us in whatever way He desires. We are going to
be praying, praying, praying and believing in advance that He will answer those prayers.

"I urge you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ any by the love of the Spirit, to join
me in my struggle by praying to God for me." Romans 15:30

"..On Him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us, and you help us by 
your prayers." 2 Cor. 1:10b

Please be joining us in praying for our ministry and conquer of the Korean language!!!


HGTV gives me house-fever

So, for our last month post-Honeymoon and pre-Korea Austin and I have been wonderfully living in my wonderful parents' wonderful condo (did I mention it is really wonderful?)  It is, naturally, our first time to live together and we kinda feel like a little family with us and our little Ellie.  

Here is a sample of our daily itinerary:

- Wake up around 10 am
- Make coffee, eat cereal and read for about an hour
- Go on the boat, go to the pool, do crafts, play Wii, etc.
- Make lunch
- Continue to do things mentioned two posts above...
- Make dinner
- Watch HGTV and laugh at how ridiculous our life currently is

But, what HGTV is doing to us is making us want to buy a house.  We talk about what we do and don't like, talk about how we would decorate it, how dumb the people are on it, etc. I am also now a member of a MLS listings website....why?  Because I have THAT much free time to look at MLS listings that we will not buy.

...Someone should remind us that to buy a house, one must have money......sad.

"What are you doing over there?" - Austin
"Blogging...because I'm a blogger now." - Lauren
"What could you possibly be blogging about...we do nothing all day" - Austin


I guess I'll give this a shot!

So we have never blogged before, but with our big adventure to South Korea coming up in less than one month we figured we would get our act together and start this blogging schpiel.  We are very excited about moving overseas in only 21 days, (wow!) but we (okay, really just me... I won't include Austin in this) am really getting nervous and scared. I guess it really has to do with just the fact that it is so unknown. We have never traveled abroad nor do we know the language of the country we are about to move to!  I know when we get there it will all be awesome, though!  

Korea, get ready for us!