I guess I'll give this a shot!

So we have never blogged before, but with our big adventure to South Korea coming up in less than one month we figured we would get our act together and start this blogging schpiel.  We are very excited about moving overseas in only 21 days, (wow!) but we (okay, really just me... I won't include Austin in this) am really getting nervous and scared. I guess it really has to do with just the fact that it is so unknown. We have never traveled abroad nor do we know the language of the country we are about to move to!  I know when we get there it will all be awesome, though!  

Korea, get ready for us!


aunt carol said...

Oh my word!!!You 2 are just amazing, courageous, refreshing and most of all a blessing. God certainly is shining on you two and i am so happy for you all. As scary and foreign it may seem what a welcoming you have received. Your apt is wonderful. I can picture you both sitting at the table studying korean. I am just amazed by you both. What energy and enthusiasm and Faith you have. After reading your blogs my heart is so full of pride for you both. You bring tears to my eyes but they are tears of joy
There may not be many who speak english but you and austen must be letting everyone know how you feel without words because they are greeting you with open arms. Personally, i think it is the smile you both have. You all do not just smile with your mouth you use your whole face and especially your eyes. That is more than likely what they see, your smiling eyes. I have noticed you both do it.
This will be a good time for you and austen to begin to rely on each other. During this year I am sure the bond you both have with each other will grow tenfold on a daily basis. You will learn to depend on each other and love each other without any interference from anyone or anything. I think it is wonderful. You 2 are in my heart, thoughts and prayers on a daily basis.
I love you both and cant wait to read your blogs and stay in touch across the oceans.
Love and prayers to you both
aunt carol