HGTV gives me house-fever

So, for our last month post-Honeymoon and pre-Korea Austin and I have been wonderfully living in my wonderful parents' wonderful condo (did I mention it is really wonderful?)  It is, naturally, our first time to live together and we kinda feel like a little family with us and our little Ellie.  

Here is a sample of our daily itinerary:

- Wake up around 10 am
- Make coffee, eat cereal and read for about an hour
- Go on the boat, go to the pool, do crafts, play Wii, etc.
- Make lunch
- Continue to do things mentioned two posts above...
- Make dinner
- Watch HGTV and laugh at how ridiculous our life currently is

But, what HGTV is doing to us is making us want to buy a house.  We talk about what we do and don't like, talk about how we would decorate it, how dumb the people are on it, etc. I am also now a member of a MLS listings website....why?  Because I have THAT much free time to look at MLS listings that we will not buy.

...Someone should remind us that to buy a house, one must have money......sad.

"What are you doing over there?" - Austin
"Blogging...because I'm a blogger now." - Lauren
"What could you possibly be blogging about...we do nothing all day" - Austin


Katie said...

Haha! This is hilarious!