Meet the Mold...Yuck

Our apartment in Korea has not only been inhabited by the 2 of us, but also gross, hairy, white, black, green and all sorts of disgusting variations of mold, for the past 8 months.

Why has this not been taken care of yet, you ask?
Well, we contacted our landlord and he sent his wife to solve the problem....Korea solution to mold: wallpaper over it! Taaaa Daaaa...because that is for sure the smartest way to handle this multiplying, sickifying and creepy creature that grows on our walls.

Sooo, after Austin and I both got sick a few weeks ago and have still not fully gotten over it, I decided to take matters into my own hands and have researched the best ways to kill mold. Some say bleach. Some say call the experts. But some also say all-natural, supermarket-shelved vinegar works just as good. Supposedly vinegar kills 82% of mold, which is up there with the stat for hiring an expert (Mold seems to be that awful evil that will never die).

I ventured up into our little loft (the mold's home) to tackle it this afternoon and all I could think about are those cleaning product commercials with the living mold people, with their own faces and determination to live. I sprayed 2 full spray bottles worth of vinegar and then remembered to snap a "before" shot because I am determined that before going to bed tonight our walls will look much different!

Austin being the fabulous hubs that he is (wearing my ear warmer around his head!!)