I'm in love with you, Dave Ramsey...well, not really...but kinda...

So now I step up onto my soapbox and demand that every single one of you that is currently reading this silly blog should stop reading this silly blog and go and buy Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book. Or any book of his, I'm sure. I think he should bring me onto his staff and pay me because of how many people that I am going to tell to read his book.

What is it, you ask? A book about life and money and how to combine the two so that you don't end up spending your life stressed about money.

Why get it, you ask? Because it is so stinkin' practical but something that our crazy, obsessive culture doesn't teach us. Don't have debt. Ever, except for a house. Live within or below your means. Save. Give. Invest. Simple! He, obviously, goes into much more detail in a very elementary way to make us non-finance majors understand what he is talkin' about.

I think the reason why I am so obsessed with the book and Dave Ramsey right now is that while Austin and I were in premarital counseling, once we got married and recently when thinking about what we will do when we get home I am the typical woman who worries. I have been failing at putting my trust in the Lord that He IS going to provide for us and that He WILL take care of our needs. Instead, I have been convincing myself that living in a shack is worth it if we get to do ministry. Although I should not and will not put my trust and hope in good 'ol Dave before Jesus, I now have learned that as long as we are smart with our money that God gives to us and blesses us with (unlike about 98% of the Americans who have numerous debts out the wazzoo) that we will be able to live, save and give very generously. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside to know that, God-willing, if we follow his plans listed in the book that I will be able one day to stay at home with our little kiddos and not have to wonder how a day care is doing at raising my kids for me.

That's my rant. That's my soapbox. But seriously, GO GET IT. You will fall in love too. I think Austin thinks I'm crazy right now because most conversations I start begin with, "...So Dave said..." No shame, though. No shame. Go get it. Seriously.