...You are priceless because:

- you don't eat kimchi
- you DO eat Mexican food!
- you have nice, friendly people that enjoy smiling
- you house my friends and family at the moment
- you have craft stores
- you have Cheddar's spinach dip
- you (hopefully) have jobs waiting for us
- you have my dog that I dearly miss
- you have houses with ovens in them where I could try new recipes
- you have open green space
- you have a car for me to drive
- you have coffee shops that don't look at you weird when you ask for milk with your coffee
- you have country music
- you have Rudy's breakfast tacos (more for my hubs)
- you speak English
- you are BIG
- you accept diversity very well
- you have sweet tea (also more for my hubs than me)
- you have Texas A&M
- you are....wonderful.

In conclusion, when just asking Austin what he loves most about Texas he said:
"Ahhh...I just can't put it into words. Something about waking up in Texas just feels good. I think it's just that [Texans] are badasses."

Enough said.

P.S. If you couldn't tell, this was my way of venting...!

The Schauer's miss you, Texas!