Jesus teaches us a lot. Everyday. But recently I feel like I have been learning more than ever that Jesus calls us to be honest, even when it is really, really, really hard. I think that God probably gives the gift of realness, honesty and possibly boldness to certain people but I don't think that he ONLY calls those people to realness, honesty and possibly boldness. We, as Christians, have bought into the idea of "feel-good" love, where we are honest to those nearest to us only until the point of comfort. We will be real up to the point to where it kinda is a laughing, semi-sarcastic honesty with others (c'mon, tell me you know EXACTLY what I am talkin' about!). You know, the kind when you make a joke about how dumb it is for an alcoholic to go into a bar, hoping that that alcoholic you are talking to will get the hint. I think when we confine ourselves only to feel-good honesty with our brothers and sister in Christ, though, we are disobeying God's truth and instead serving ourselves.

Let me break it down: If we consistently choose to produce a fake, surface-level relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, I don't think it is for them. No, if we were looking out for their own good we would know for certain that God's truth always trumps. Instead, we choose to overlook others turning their backs on God just so that we don't have to put our own self-seeking, people-pleasing reputation on the line.

God, forgive me for ever being untruthful with my sisters and brothers just so that I look better. It's not about me, but you.