So the month of February (Faveuary) always make me extremely happy. As a little girl, I liked the whole idea of seeing what the Groundhog did on Groundhog Day, I get way too excited about the frilly red and pinkness of Valentine's Day, my Birthday falls 2 days after Valentine's Day and then the month is over rather quickly (being as though it got jipped with days) and then warm (hopefully) weather greets you in March.

This FAVEUARY has got to be the best, though, with having the first week off of work, celebrating a relaxing first Valentine's Day with my handsome hubby (which, I might add also fell on the same day as Lunar New Year...Korea's biggest holiday of the year), also celebrating a fun first Birthday with my handsome hubby, Brittany Mai Williams coming to join us in Koreanland and THEN having another week off of school for the last week...whoop!

Pictures of fun times...and more to come. duh. For my bday we ate dinner at the awesomely HUGE seafood buffet in the famous Jalachi Seafood Market in Busan where all of the fresh seafood is hauled in each day off of the fishing boats. We stuffed ourselves to where I didn't even want to walk...bleh.

Aside from the really fun times so far this semester...i.e. our big vaca, not working too much, holidays, celebrations, etc...I feel like Austin and I are both at that really difficult spot where we are only 1/2 way through our year here but really itching to move onto the next thing- whatever that may be. We are so eager to figure out what we are going to do for careers, where we are going to live, to be back with Ellie, for me to actually change my name (!), and to just start the next season of being in ONE place for an extended period of time and having a solid community of Christ followers around us to love on and grow in fellowship with. Just re-reading that last sentence is music to my ears and brings joy and excitement to the depths of my soul. BUT, God has us here for another 6 months for a reason. Why, God? I'm not sure right now, but He is. I am so incredibly confident that years down the road we are going to be able to go, "Aha! This is the fruit that came from being in Korea." At this point I can say that we have each grown as individuals hugely. We have learned more about what we do and don't desire in life, what brings us joy and some of the spiritual gifts that our gracious God has given to us. As a couple we have also grown leaps and bounds. Korea has allowed tons of free time to develop meaningful conversation, to do marriage studies, listen to sermons, read books and on and on. God has matured our marriage already in beautiful ways and has sooo much more to do! Lastly, we have each been taught so much about the Lord, been convicted of Sin in our life and been challenged to live each day absolutely for Christ. We are encouraged to be "doers of the Word , and not hearers only..." and to develop the spirit of discipline that creates a more godly life. God has been good. So good. Please pray that the Schauer's over here remain in the present and allow ourselves to continually be shaped by Jesus during our remaining time here. Pray that we are open to what else He has to teach us and that our hearts are in Korealand, rather than in what God has in store for us next.

Also, we would L.O.V.E. to hear from each of you, what is going on in your life and how we can be praying for you.

To the Texans out there, give the Lone Star State a big hug for us!