Our First Day of School

After laying out our "first day of school" outfit and our leather patent shoes last night, Austin and I survived our first days of school as Elementary School teachers and even have a few funny stories to document.  But first, here is a run-down of our days:

Austin: At 9 am in the morning, Austin was the guest of honor at a school-wide assembly in the gym. He had to give an introduction speech and broadcast himself to the whole school. At 9:50 he sat in the "teachers meeting" = eating apples and drinking green tea! From then to 11:50 he sat in HIS OWN classroom on HIS OWN computer and did nothing. After the 11:50 class he had lunch consisting of: rice, some kind of soup, cold noodles, kimchi, and hard egg casserole (?). From then until 3:30 he, again, did nothing. Then, until the end of the day (at 4:40) his Korean co-teacher gave him a lesson in Hangul (the Korean language).

Lauren: At 9 am in the morning, I had to report to the "broadcasting room" and sit behind a wanna-be news anchor set to introduce myself to the whole school over the school-wide broadcasting network. From 10-1, I had 3 back-to-back classes of 5th graders where I shared my Powerpoint on my life, family and hobbies. My lunch consisted of: rice, some kind of soup, sweet and sour fish, leaves with anchovies in them and kimchi. [Note: we no longer feel bad for American Schools' Cafeteria Food] Since Koreans do not use knives and I was having a hard time cutting up my sweet and sour fish, I asked my co-teacher (Young Jin) how to cut my food. He, then, leaned across the table and started cutting all of my food for me with his chopsticks! After lunch, my co-teacher and I had two more classes followed by reading a book for an hour.

Funny things said today by our kids:

little girl to Lauren about Austin's picture: 
"He has a lot of hair on his face. Is he your grandpa?"

little boy to Austin:
"Do you like your wife?"

little girls about picture of Ella: 
[giggling among girls]    
Lauren: "What are you laughing at?"      
Little girl: "She wants to eat your dog!"
Lauren: (wants to punch them in the face)

little boys to Lauren:
"How much do you weigh?"

little boy in the stairwell to Austin:
"You look like OBAMA!"

little boy in the hall to Austin:
"You look like BRAD PITT!"

We are now taking a vote on which one YOU think Austin looks like...please respond with a "comment"


Katie Evans said...

Your blog is so entertaining!! I love it! And I just laughed so hard about Austin's look-a-like pictures...I can't believe how much he really does look like a mix of Obama and Brad in that particular honeymoon picture. Can't decide between the two! :) Haha

Katie said...

That's great!! Richie votes Obama!! I'm am slightly disturbed by the dog comment...do they eat dog over there??!! We've been thinking about y'all! Enjoy every minute...even the horrible food!!! Love y'all!!

eden and david said...

your adventures so far look like so much fun. what an exciting time.

Testing said...
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Martha S. said...

Your blog makes me laugh!! I think Austin needs to take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his lunch box!! [do they have pbj at e-mart?] The comments are priceless but as Austin's mother i think its fair to say my son DOES NOT LOOK LIKE OBAMA!!!and thank the Lord we have Ella!!

Amy Harper said...

Brad Pitt only wishes HE looked like Austin but I thought Austin could not have facial hair. Good luck with the salad...maybe you can open a salad bar. I wonder how you say that in Korean? Have a great experience and please keep blogging... I think you have a knack for it. Blessings to you both! Amy

Liz Ellison said...

Hiiiii Lauren & Austin!!! Lauren- I am so glad you have set up the blog, you are doing such an awesome job!! Aunt Martha's comment made me really laugh... its funny because I would NEVER think Austin looked like Obama (for obvious reasons), but in the chosen pictures he kinda does, hehe. For your sake though, and because I am related to him, I am going to have to say Brad Pitt!!

Frances said...

I think it is a cross between the two - loved seeing pictures of your place.

Anonymous said...

I am behind I did not know about the blog! I was laughing out loud at work...I agree with amy you definitely have a knack for it! I love hearing all about the culture and seeing pictures! Miss ya'll.

P.S. Austin looks like Austin and I like that the best! :)

love katy