What a wife thinks about when her husband leaves her

So Austin has been on a men's retreat this weekend for our church here in Busan and I have pathetically missed him more than I imagined. I guess since this is really the first time that we have been away from one another for a few days since being married it was particularly hard. So as I've gone through my days, I have realized all the little and wonderful things that he does every day that I really love:

10. He sets the alarm AND gets up to turn it off in the morning

9. He looks both ways for us and then tells me when it is safe to cross the street

8. He pays for everything

7. He cooks breakfast

6. He starts the coffee

5. He tells me to hurry up so that we are semi on-time to things

4. He turns the lights off at night

3. He motivates me to bathe and look semi-attractive

2. He locks the doors and checks the windows

1. He makes me laugh and smile a lot

Thank you to my amazing hubs that does so many little things that I appreciate every day. I love you.

Now everyone who was wanting to puke through that post, you can do so now.